Benthic Ecology Group

We are a research group at the Federal University of Espirito Santo (in Vitória-ES, Brazil) interested in the ecology of marine benthic ecosystems. Our current projects include studies in coastal and deep-sea ecosystems. We are currently involved in a number of projects to evaluate ecology, human impacts and ecosystem function of benthic assemblages in estuaries, on continental margins and those associated with organic falls such as whale bones and wood-falls. We have two research laboratories, one in Vitória and the other at UFES Oceanographic Marine station. Our labs have most equipment for sampling, preserving and analyzing benthic samples.

Look here for their location: Vitória – Marine Station

We welcome talented Master and PhD students interested in benthic ecology in estuaries and on the deep-sea, specially those who have previous experience in marine ecology and invertebrate biology. Self learning and highly motivated candidates are encouraged to contact us!


For students interested in joining the lab (for master’s or PhD):

We are constantly accepting students for the graduate program in Biological Sciences (Animal Biology) at UFES

Send an email to, with:

  • A brief letter reporting your academic experience, including descriptions of previous scientific work (e.g. IC, final course work), your interests in science and in this group, and telling what are your plans for graduate course (Master’s or PhD);
  • Also send us your academic record,  a statement of english proficiency, and one letter of recommendation from a previous professor or advisor.
(Interessados em se juntar ao grupo para Mestrado/Doutorado)
Nos envie para o email acima os seguintes documentos:
– Um breve memorial da sua vida acadêmica, relatando suas experiências em IC, pesquisa, nível de conhecimento em língua inglesa, seus interesses em pesquisa no mestrado/doutorado e suas expectativas ao se juntar a este grupo.
– Seu histórico escolar da universidade onde se formou, resumo de seu trabalho de conclusão de curso
– Uma carta de recomendação da seu orientador(a) ou de outro professor do curso


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